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Learning About Power-Only Loads

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

What are power-only loads?

Often shippers end up with many trailers and a shortage of tractors and drivers. In this event, power-only trucking is used to transport the load and an independent driver or carrier's tractor will be used. This is a great way to get started booking loads as an owner-operator. Brokers who use this method don’t have to hire drivers or buy trucks making it a popular option. Transporting as a power only also means you can haul multiple trailer types, further expanding the possibilities. There are lots of power only loads on different load boards as there is frequently a surplus of trailers.

Booking power only loads

Finding power-only loads is easy and similar to finding any other load type. You can use a general load board and adjust the search settings so that power-only loads populate in the results. There are also power-only load boards that you can use to your advantage. The benefit of using a specialized load board is you don’t have to mess with the settings or do anything, all the loads are going to be power-only making things simpler.

Benefits of power-only loads

One benefit of doing power-only loads is the cost of equipment. You can save a lot of money doing power-only loads because you don’t have to buy a trailer. Not to mention the cost of maintaining the trailer as well. Power-only loads can also save you a lot of wait time. Rather than having to sit around waiting to get loaded and unloaded, you will pick up pre-loaded trailers and drop them at their destinations. This means you will be able to complete more trips and make more money.


Booking power-only loads is a great way to get started in the trucking industry if you can’t afford a trailer yet. There is a lot of opportunity in this portion of the trucking industry for you to take advantage of and lots of money to be made. There is truly no downside to choosing power-only over choosing to purchase a trailer, but take time to weigh your options before making the commitment.

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