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Distinct Deliveries
Dispatch Service

Are you in need of a full-service dispatch team to handle all of your administrative needs so you can focus on your business? Distinct Deliveries dispatching service provides you with a dedicated dispatcher to take care of all your back-office needs.

Truck Load Dispatching

Our team of experienced dispatchers will work with you to develop the best lanes to achieve your target goal. We will find the loads that best meet your needs and negotiate the best rates for you.

Back Office Assistance

Your designated dispatcher will handle all of the administrative work including carrier packet set up, rate confirmations, credit checks, and invoicing, so that operations are continually in motion.

Our Rates

We currently charge an affordable flat-rate fee of 8% for dispatching services.

Quality Communication

Our success comes from the quality communication we offer to each client, allowing us to build a strong mutual business relationship. Our well trained dispatchers maintain a clear line of communication between all parties involved.

Trailer Types

We service many trailer types including dry vans, reefers, flatbeds, car carriers and more! 


Our dispatchers are trained to assist you through any problems should any arise. From detentions and layovers to shortages, you can depend on your dispatcher to handle it all.

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