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Transportation Services

We take pride in providing quality service with a well equipped and knowledgable team!

Box Truck (LTL)

Many businesses ship goods that are too large or too fragile for ordinary parcel services to handle. At the same time, it isn’t big enough to fill a truck. If that’s you, rely on the service of our box truck or LTL delivery services for the transportation and delivery of your goods. 

Two or more customers can share a box truck or trailer. These customers share the costs of transportation, and thus, they pay fewer fees. Box truck shipping is one of the most convenient options as smaller loads are combined to make large truckloads for different stops. 

Box trucks handle the freight with an enclosed area where cargo is placed. This cargo area is attached to a cab truck chassis. Truckload carriers may also ship smaller items.

Advantages of box truck shipping

  • Very convenient and very efficient for small businesses. 

  • Customers can save money as they pay only the space allotted for their goods.

  • This is a very popular venture that can profit businesses and individuals.

Do take note that box truck delivery services may take longer to ship as the driver needs to make many stops to deliver many packages to different customers. 

Are you considering box truck LTL services? We can help your business use box truck shipping to ship your goods and products to your customers wherever they may be. Contact us for more details.

Truck Load (OTR)

OTR is an over-the-road trucking service. This is where the freight is picked up from two or more customers and then shipped to their corresponding receivers. OTR truckload carriers may also deal with various pickup points or stops. But, most large truckload companies pick up the freight from one location and transport it to another location, from point A to B. 

OTR truckload services are for larger goods and may serve only one customer or client or multiple customers. OTR drivers haul almost everything you can imagine, from minute electronics to large automobiles, tractor parts, and airplane parts.

Advantages of using truckload OTR services

● You can deliver or ship more packages at just one fixed price. 

● Your goods and products are sent faster as most OTRs have only one stop. 

● You can guarantee the safe delivery of your products and goods.


Consider that these could take a while if the goods are sent to more customers. If you need help with truckload OTR transport services, Distinct Deliveries can help you get started. Our expertise in the field of transportation services can assist you in shipping anything locally and internationally. Contact us anytime to find out more about truckload OTR services.

Intermodal (Local & Regional)

Intermodal trucking services for local and regional deliveries are always available for all types of shipping jobs and projects. No matter how near or far, intermodal trucking deliveries do the job well. Most intermodal trucks are for dedicated customers. Thus, taking a local or regional trucking service will help get your products or goods faster and safer. 

We know how hard it is to ship your goods to customers located remotely. We considered many factors like weather, road conditions, traffic conditions, and road safety rules. This helps us give you the best result. But you don't need to overthink your local or regional shipping when you use an intermodal delivery service. 

Local drivers who know everything about the area or region will efficiently take your products or goods to your customers. Intermodal shipping will also make use of trucks that can handle your kind of products. If you need a refrigerated truck to carry perishable items like food or medicines, these can be arranged right away.

Intermodal shipping has the following advantages:

● You can guarantee safe and efficient delivery of your products or goods. 

● You don’t need to worry about weather or road conditions. 

● Usually, intermodal trucks serve only one client at a time. 

Make shipping less complicated with intermodal shipping services. Contact us for more details about intermodal trucking services today.

Car Carrier (Local & Regional)

Are you shipping a car to its new owner or a collector’s item to the auction site? You’ll need professionals who can handle the job with utmost safety and efficiency. This is why most businesses use professional car carrier services to deliver to local or regional destinations. 

Car carriers are different from ordinary trucks or freight services. They are equipped with safety tools and accessories to move cars safely on different roads. Car carrier drivers are also certified and trained to handle large loads on any road. 

Car carriers can ship locally or regionally. They can ship one, two, or more cars, while smaller carriers may only handle one vehicle at a time. Almost all carriers come with drivers and assistants to make car mounting and dismount the carrier safer and more efficient. 

Advantages of car carriers

● These are equipped with safety features and accessories. 

● Drivers are trained and certified to drive large loads. 

● Car carriers can handle two or more cars at a time, saving you money and time. 


If you're looking for car carriers to handle the delivery of any vehicle, contact us anytime. Let's make car shipping less complicated, safer, and easier. Call us for details.

Home Deliveries (Local)

Direct home deliveries have become more and more popular. Customers order products or goods online, and businesses ship their orders directly to their homes. If your business requires shipping your products, you need a reliable, reputable, and versatile home delivery service. 

We can help you get started on local home deliveries of your products using a reliable and safe delivery solution. Deliveries must be timely and efficient, especially when your products are perishable. Don’t let your food items, medicines, personal care items, and produce go to waste. Timing is crucial; even a small mistake can cost you your entire business!

Our expertise in home deliveries has allowed us to help many businesses achieve massive success. Let us help you get closer to success using our home delivery tools, methods, and services.

Home deliveries have the following benefits:

● Products are delivered faster compared to other methods. 

● Products, especially perishable items, will be delivered fresh and ready to use.

● Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Home delivery services may vary from business to business. Some who sell perishable items may require a refrigerated van or truck. Meanwhile, those who need regular, non-perishable stuff may need a smaller or bigger delivery service vehicle. Whatever your need is, you can contact us today and let us help you get started.

Lone Wolf Package (How to Start Your Own Company)

You're ready to lead your pack; you're confident, ready to give your all. This is why we welcome you to our Lone Wolf Package. Let us help you start your own company, be your boss and get your fleet running in no time! 

Our Lone Wolf Package is a tried and tested program successfully developed over many years from helping many clients. Plenty of confident entrepreneurs and managers have used it to lead their fleet and turn every business opportunity into a successful project. 

We want you to succeed no matter what industry you may be. The transportation industry is very complicated, with many important things to consider before you dive right in. The Lone Wolf Package will take you closer to your dreams as you learn not just the skills and knowledge needed by managers and entrepreneurs but also how to become more confident in this field. 

Advantages of the Lone Wolf Package

● Developed from years of experience 

● A fool-proof plan that will work with any industry 

● Help you focus on your goals & help you feel more confident

Contact us for more details about the Lone Wolf Package. Let us help you be more efficient and ready for all the challenges ahead.

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