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How to Book the Best Paying Loads

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Finding good loads is the most important task you will perform as an owner-operator or a dispatcher. You will need to do your due diligence to search for a load that meets all of the qualifications you have. Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind while you look for loads.

Start looking in advance

First things first, you want to make sure you are giving yourself plenty of time to find the right load. This means you are going to want to start looking several days in advance. Do not wait until the day before you want to head out to start checking the load boards. If you do this you will likely end up simply settling for any load just to get one at all. Instead, plan ahead and check the load boards early and often as well as reach out to brokers. This way you ensure you will have the best chance to get a great load with your preferred RPM and conditions.

Leverage the load boards

Knowing how to navigate load boards is imperative to booking the right load. There are new loads being posted every minute and knowing how to filter through them to find your ideal load will save you lots of time and energy. There are many different load boards available online with different ways to filter through loads. You may be able to filter loads by date, origin, destination, equipment type, weights, and more.

Make connections

When booking your own loads making connections with the brokers can vastly improve your success going forward. Brokers who have a good experience with you are likely to want to work with you again. Brokers not wanting to work with you can keep you from booking loads and making money so be sure to always be kind and courteous to the brokers you speak with.

Utilize a dispatching service

Instead of dealing with the pressure of driving, negotiating with brokers, load-booking, and keeping your paperwork in order, it would be advisable to work with a dispatching service. Dispatching services will pair you with a dedicated dispatcher who handles all of the administrative work, load-booking, and troubleshooting for you. It's like having a personal trucking assistant. A dispatching service can help increase your revenue by keeping you booked regularly and negotiating the best rates for you. All you have to focus on is driving and making money.

Things to consider

Finally, when searching for loads it is important to always keep in mind the following conditions :

  • Weight -Be sure the load you are considering is the appropriate weight for the vehicle.

  • Equipment - When you are looking at a load check the equipment type and make sure it matches yours. Ex: power only, dry van, reefer, etc.

  • Time slot - If you are already en route to a destination or have a load booked and are booking the next load, make sure the next load you book is at a reasonable time so that you can be on time for the pick-up appointment. Also, consider the location and how long it will take you to get there from the previous drop-off location.

  • Reloads - Checking for reloads near you can help you find loads quicker.

  • Special requirements - Take note of any special requirements before you book a load and make sure you meet all of the requirements.


There are many different tools at your disposal to ensure you are consistently booking the best loads for you or for your fleet. You can utilize the tools by yourself or employ the use of a dispatching service to help ensure you meet your goals. Whichever you choose, be sure to follow all of these tips to achieve success in your business.

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