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Social Media Marketing Tips to Grow Your Online Presence

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

When running any business, your marketing strategy is one of the most important aspects. It should go without saying that this is the case for a trucking and transportation company as well. Companies spend millions of dollars on advertising and marketing every single year. If you're running a smaller operation, then spending money like that on advertising would be counterintuitive to your bottom line. Luckily, it's 2021, and we have one of the greatest free marketing tools already at our disposal: Social Media! Creating and maintaining a social media following will benefit your business more than you could imagine! Here are some tips on how to properly market your social media accounts so you can see a significant increase in traffic and in business.

Professional-looking content

First of all, you need to focus on creating top-notch content. That means you need to have your brand solidified: A professional logo, brand color scheme, and a tag line. When you have all of these in place, it is easier for you to create good-looking Instagram posts that represent you well. The last thing you want to do is put out mediocre content, with little to no branding effort. When this happens, people are more likely to skip right over your posts and your page because they won't take you seriously.

There are two ways you can go about creating content. First, you can hire a freelancer to create content for you using apps like Fivver or Upwork. On these apps, you can choose from thousands of potential freelancers and look at their previous work. If you want to save your coins and create content yourself then I recommend utilizing an app like "Canva". Canva is a wonderful creative app that has thousands of templates for all social media platforms. This way you can choose the perfect template, and even choose one that’s already designed and simply change the colors and content. There are lots of different options for content creation, get out there and get creative!

Hashtag research

For every single social media post, you put out you need to make sure your use the proper hashtags. Now I know it can be tempting to simply start typing in hashtags that are affiliated with your posts or industry and click the first ones that pop up, however that is not a very effective way to go about it. I suggest heading on over to google and looking up a hashtag database Website. These sites let you type in a keyword, and then they generate the top hashtags associated with that keyword. They usually list them in order from most popular to least popular so it's easy to see which ones will be most effective for promoting your post.


Remember this: Consistency brings results! When It comes to marketing through social media it is very important that you remain consistent and post on a regular schedule. I highly recommend at least posting once every single day. This may seem daunting at first but if you come up with a regular schedule with days dedicated to specific topics, it will make things a whole lot easier. Don’t forget you can repost memes and funny photos from other accounts as well just don’t stop posting.


At the end of the day, social media marketing is an amazing tool you can use to boost your business and the best part is you don’t have to pay a cent unless you want to. Instagram and Facebook both have options for boosting your post by turning it into a paid advertisement, so when you are ready to start running ad campaigns the transition is seamless. So get out there and start creating and boosting your business!

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