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Top Health Concerns for Professional Truck Drivers

As a truck driver, it is important that you keep your physical and mental health a top priority. The nature of a career in trucking can make you more prone to all kinds of health issues. Let's take a look at some of the top health issues facing truck drivers today.


This is probably the most common health concern for drivers. The sedentary lifestyle of trucking can cause some serious weight gain. Mix that in with a poor diet and you're on a fast track to obesity and the plethora of other health issues that come with it.


Speaking of health issues linked to obesity, Diabetes is another top ranking health concern for truck driving professionals. With limited access to healthy food options, it's easy for truck drivers to overload on the sugar and carbohydrates prevalent in truck stop snacks. Eating poorly can throw your blood sugar so out-of-whack that it can lead to type 2 diabetes.

Health problems linked to smoking

Did you know that professional truck drivers are 2 times as likely to be smokers? It's true! Truckers are twice as likely to smoke cigarettes than any other profession. It's no mystery that smoking has dire consequences on one's health in a very long-term way, and smoking inside of an enclosed semi-truck cabin is a good way to expedite the decline of your lung health.

Sleeping disorders

We have spoken before about the importance of balancing your sleep schedule as a truck driver. Driving while tired or exhausted is not only dangerous, but it can have negative physical effects as well. Aside from that, health issues such as obesity, and smoking can actually put you at risk for disorders like sleep apnea.

Depression and mental health issues

If you aren't used to prolonging isolation, and being on the open road away from home for weeks at a time, falling into depression is a legitimate concern. Truck driving can be very lonely, and it takes a certain kind of person to be able to be comfortable being alone extensively.

Physical Injuries

For drivers who either never, or rarely have to touch freight, the risk of physical injury is minimal. But for those who often have to assist with loading and unloading their trucks, this is a very real probability. You could sprain or pull muscles, or worse drop something on yourself or get hit by moving freight on a forklift. Always implement safety measures and be careful.

These are just a few of the many different health issues that drivers face today. If you are a driver, be sure to take care of your health, and get exercise as often as you can. Some truck stops even have gym facilities that you can take advantage of. Stay active, eat healthy meals and take care of your mental health out there on the road.

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