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Small Business Marketing Strategy Tips

Figure out your audience

Knowing your audience is one of the first things you need to do before actually starting to market your business. Who are your ideal customers? What age range are they? What do they do for a living? What kind of things do they like? You need to ask and answer all of these questions and more to really narrow down exactly who you want to target.

Optimize your website

Once you have figured out your target audience it's time to move on to your website. If you have a website (or plan to), it's time to learn how to optimize it so it can reach your ideal audience. What I am referring to is SEO or search engine optimization. Proper SEO will help your website to rank higher on google, increasing your chances of reaching your target audience. SEO can be very technical so unless you have taken courses or learned how to perform SEO it is probably best that you hire an SEO freelancer or agency to audit your website and make technical changes.

Create a social media strategy

A lot of people don’t realize that they need to come up with a social media strategy. They think they can just post whenever and generate traffic to their page and unfortunately it is not that simple. You need to come up with a solid social media plan, schedule, and do hashtag research. This will ensure that you are posting consistent, relevant content regularly that can reach your ideal audience.

Use a CRM

This tip leans more toward email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is nearly impossible to successfully achieve without a CRM (Customer Relationship manager). CRM is software that allows you to create email and text marketing campaigns. The reason this is so beneficial is that running an email campaign on your own from your personal (or even your business) email address will likely end up with you being blacklisted and your emails will end up straight in the spam folder. This is because when you send hundreds of emails at a time it alerts google, yahoo or whatever email platform you and your recipients are using. They automatically classify you as a spammer and blacklist you. This can be a very bothersome mistake because now all of your emails ( even the ones that aren't about marketing) will go to everyone's spam box. When you use a CRM this doesn’t happen. There are many CRM's available such as 'Thryv' and 'Mailchimp'. You should research them and figure out which one suits your needs best.

Start a blog on your site

Posting more relevant content on your website can boost your Google ranking (as long as you optimize the pages just like the rest of your website). Google and other search engines search your page for quality and relevancy so adding informative blogs can really help get more organic traffic to your website.

Purchase online ads

Purchasing online ads makes the bottom of the list because of course we want to do as much marketing for free as possible! But if you find yourself wanting to really boost your reach it may be beneficial to purchase ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok. You can run campaigns for a specific amount of time or set them to run until they’ve used up a specific amount of money.

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