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Load Boards: A guide to booking loads online

Many trucking companies that are new or just getting started may find that they have trouble securing contracts and dedicated lanes. A motor carrier (MC) authority usually needs to be active for 6 months to a year in order for other companies to grant you contracts and permanent lanes. That’s where load boards come into play.

What is a load board?

A load board is an online database where brokers and shippers post loads so trucking companies can bid on them, or in some cases book them immediately. A load board posting usually includes: pick up and drop off locations, broker contact information, the truck type needed, and sometimes the rate the load is paying. Being able to search for loads in such an efficient way is very valuable to smaller trucking companies and is sometimes how they even keep their businesses afloat in the beginning. Load boards usually have a monthly fee to use them, however the return on that investment usually greatly outweighs the monthly fees.

How to find loads on a load board.

Searching for loads on a load board is usually very simple. You choose the criteria that match your needs and the load board populates results in the form of many different loads that are available for you to bid on and book. The search criteria usually include truck type, pick-up location, the Destination area, maximum deadhead, and sometimes a few more specifications depending on the load board you are using.

Benefits of using a load board?

Utilizing a load board to find loads has many benefits:

  • Ability to instant message Brokers through the boards (sometimes)

  • Access to broker/shipper credit scores

  • See Days to Pay (DTP) for brokers and shippers

  • 24/7 access to loads

  • Posted rates for certain loads

  • Opportunities to leave reviews on brokers, shippers, and other carriers

  • Access to FMCSA certification info for brokers and shippers

  • Different Load Boards

Here we provide a list of a few different load boards to get you started. Most require you to at least sign up with your email, MC number, DOT, some may require your Insurance certificate, and some require a paid monthly subscription. Do your research and figure out which load board(s) are a good fit for you.

DAT load board (truckers edge)


Schneider freight power

Uber freight


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