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Major Factors In Driver Retention

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Although driver turnover rates are much higher in large trucking corporations than in smaller fleets, the overall retention of truck drivers remains a prominent issue in the industry today. Considering economics, health, and many other aspects of human life, there are tons of reasons why drivers decide to quit or take employment elsewhere. Here are a few key contributors to high driver turnover rates.

Pay and Benefits

Overall benefits and compensation are probably the number one driving factor in driver retention. Being a truck driver has always been a lucrative career considering the educational requirements you need to meet to qualify to be a truck driver. However, with rising prices nationwide and a rising cost of living, drivers are more likely to side with whatever company is going to provide them with the best combination of payment and benefits.

OTR Time vs. Home Time

Now every driver is going to be different and wants different things concerning how they are scheduled. However, most drivers will want a fair balance of time on the road versus time home with their families. Some drivers may not have a family to go home to and may enjoy being on the road more. It just depends, but employers would be wise to listen to what their drivers want and try their best to accommodate their lifestyle.

Driver Safety

Driver safety is a very important part of driver retention! Drivers want to feel safe and this means they must be well equipped with whatever they need to do their jobs right. This could even be something simple like having a step ladder to reach something. Sometimes drivers are asked to do risky things without any safety equipment and that can make them resentful. When a company shows little to no interest in the safety of its employees, that’s a huge red flag and could lead to many problems with retention. If a driver gets seriously injured on the job, they will undoubtedly miss out on a lot of income during their time recovering. All these safety factors contribute to why a driver may choose one company over another.


At the end of the day, it’s the very simple things that can have a huge impact on driver retention. Just like any other employee in any other profession, they want to be treated well, paid what they are worth, and still be able to have time away from work. Keep in mind that a company could do everything right by their employees and still end up losing a few. People can be indecisive and get cold feet, some may even decide not to show up for their first day of work. It happens! As long as drivers are treated well by their employers with consideration to the points I mentioned above, they will do well and they will likely not have a good reason to leave.

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